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Last Night at The Marr’s Bar…

Posted in Claire Burgess, Live Music, Music, Worcester by Claire Burgess on March 4, 2009

I went to see The Irony… amongst others. I have never seen them before and went along because my boyfriend knows the singer. I had know idea what they would be like and then when they started to play I realised I had heard them before being played on BBC Hereford and Worcester. Not all my taste but I did like this one called ‘A Man’s Fears’ You can listen to what they sounded like when they did The Friday Session a while back here. Click the Orange speaker on the right.

Funnily enough my big find of the night didn’t even play…he was the man running the show, Sam Isaac. He has been playing loads of gigs (somehow I missed him), sounds great and has some fantastic videos. Watch them here:


This one has cakes made by the same ladies who did the Skoda made from cake TV advert. I love it. One to keep an eye on.


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