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Back from Barcelona

Posted in Barcelona, CID MUSIC, Gigbeth, Music, Travel by Claire Burgess on November 19, 2008

Sorry I have been slow on the blogging front but I have been recovering from Gigbeth/Gigbeth Fringe madness and celebrating my birthday in Barcelona.

First things first, The Gigbeth Fringe went really well. We packed out the front of The Rainbow and much fun, dancing and whooping was had to the sounds of Mama Matrix, Smileymic, Laura Louise and Marc Reck. Smashing!

I spent the next day working at Gigbeth. Even the heavy rain couldn’t dampen my spirits as I sang along to Things Can Only Get Better with D:Ream, took photo’s of Smileymic meeting the Sugarhill Gang and Dance my socks off when they performed Rapper’s Delight.

Smileymic meets The Sugarhill Gang

Smileymic meets The Sugarhill Gang

Smileymic talks about what it was like to meet the US hip hop legends as well as what happened while we were in The Green Room here.

Then bags packed and off to Barcelona. After a blurry eyed start and a slightly confused trip on the metro system my twin sister and I arrived in one piece and set about enjoying the sites with lots of wine and sangria in between. Here are my top 5 things to do in Barca:

1) Go to see Barcelona play at Nou Camp

2) Have a meal at Les Cants Neits (The 15th Night) in the square off The Ramblas- The food is like a party in your mouth.

3) Go to Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi temple – The best view of Barcelona.

4) Have an ice cream at Port Veil- You can feed the fish too.

5) Go to the beach at Port Olympic, sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

A lovely relaxing Birthday. Now, back to work!

The First Gigbeth Fringe

Posted in Birmingham UK, CID MUSIC, Claire Burgess, Digbeth, Gigbeth, Music by Claire Burgess on November 3, 2008

I am working with John Mostyn on the very first Gigbeth Fringe event. It’s a free event on Friday 7th November at The Rainbow in Digbeth. The line up is a mixture of everything from Gypsy Punk to a live looper. There will be some great music from Laura Louise, Mama Matrix, Smileymic, Capital Letters and Marc Reck.

Is Chivalry Dead?

Posted in Media, TV by Claire Burgess on October 8, 2008

I ask this question after much thought over the past few months and speared on by something I read in the metro this week.

This reminded me of a few weeks back when I was setting up and taking down the Gigbeth stall at Artsfest. I had so many boxes and bags as well as a TV and was really struggling to transport it all to and from my taxi, which refused to park any nearer to my stall. I wasn’t going that far but I am not ashamed to admit I am not too strong and would have gladly excepted some help from any of the passers by who just gorped at me. In the end, when I couldn’t go any furthur I resorted to asking two men smoking outside a pub if they would help me the last 100yards. They begrudingly helped.

So I ask, whatever you think of Russell Brand, is he one of the only true Gents left? Is chivalry dead? Or have men just decided that in this modern world of political correctness, they best not offer to help for fear of getting there heads bitten off?

Gigbeth at Artsfest

Posted in Birmingham UK, Claire Burgess, Gigbeth, Music by Claire Burgess on September 15, 2008

I have just spent the weekend standing on New Street in Birmingham manning the Gigbeth stall at ArtsFest. This meant I had to tell lots of people that “Gigbeth is a music festival held in the Digbeth area of town on the 7th and 8th November.” I must have said that 1000 times over the course of the weekend whilst giving out 3000 flyers. I also gave away lots of free stuff in the shape of t-shirts, bags and cds. It is funny how much people love free stuff even if it’s not very good free stuff but just because they can’t belive you can actually get something for nothing.

The line up so far for this year’s festival looks very cool indeed. Including D:ream (of Things Can Only Get Better, Labour theme tune fame) Guillemots, The Young Knives, The Destroyers, Stanton Warriors and best of all The Sugarhill Gang. Now, there were two kinds of reactions people were giving to the fact they are playing. The first was:

“The who?”
“The Sugarhill Gang”
“I don’t know who they are.”
“Do you remember the song Rapper’s Delight?”
“I said a hip hop ….”

The second kind of reaction was the most amusing. This was the I got from a man who took a flyer and walked about four paces. Turned around and came back.

“The Sugarhill Gang?”
“The REAL Sugarhill Gang?”
“I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop…”

And the guy rapped the whole of Rapper’s Delight whilst dancing in the street. High fived me and went on with his day. I wonder if he knew he had just made my weekend? For all your Gigbeth info check out there website. Tickets are on sale now.