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Posted in BBC, Claire Burgess, Music, Radio by Claire Burgess on February 12, 2009

I just had to put this up. I heard this on Annie Mac’s Mash Up on Radio 1 on Friday and have been playing it for anyone who will listen ever since. I love it! I can imagine it going down very well at The Custard Factory. What do you think? It’s called Printer Jam by Mistabishi. His debut album “Drop” is released on 23rd February and I will be first in the queue.

Lost in Space 2

Posted in Art, Christmas, Claire Burgess, Digbeth, The Custard Factory by Claire Burgess on December 16, 2008

Yesterday the Lost in Space 2 exhibition opened at the Vaad Gallery. Lost in Space is made up of a collective of artists from The Custard Factory who formed to try and develop the arts community in the area. Lost in Space2 is being curated by the lovely Bryn Tranter so is sure to follow on from the success of the first exhibition which happened a few months back. If like most of the people I have spoken to today you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet,* get yourself down there and buy unique art work. Guaranteed to impress even the most difficult of friends and family.

* It is 9days until Christmas today and Kris, our web guy still hasn’t done anything in the way of Christmas shopping. He actually said he could get everything from the “24 hour garage.” If you don’t want your loved ones to have the same disappointed face as Kris’s girlfriend will have on Christmas day, and haven’t done any shopping yet then definitely go and buy something from Lost in Space 2.

Lost in Space 2

The Digbeth Olympics

Posted in Birmingham UK, Claire Burgess, Digbeth, Fun by Claire Burgess on September 25, 2008

I have been very busy this week but must write about the brilliant time I had on Sunday. I competed in The Digbeth Olympics. This was a charity event dreamt up by my boss John Mostyn and Adam Crossley over a pint and held at The Spotted Dog. There were none of your standard Olympic events.

The day started with John, Adam and Matt the Policeman racing inflatable dingys down The Rae. The was followed by The Birmingham Pico Prix a Go-cart race outside The Spotted Dog, a cardboard coracle race in The Custard Factory Pool, a snail race and last but not least a custard-filled wellie dash. There was obviously a spectacular opening ceremony where the Olympic torch (a burning barstool leg) nearly burned down the stadium, Germans singing there national anthem to a snail and a chef riding down a hill on a bread tray! Watch here:

I was Captain and Sailor of The Ladies Team cardboard coracle and with the help of my team, careful planning, measuring, old cardboard boxes and lots of gaffer tape, we had build a coracle that resembled a large cardboard tray. All was well and I was floating until my competitive streak got the better of me and my paddling ripped a hole in the boat turning it to cardboard mush. Although we came last I think you’ll agree we put up a good fight. Watch the race here:

The whole thing had a 1950’s street party feel all that was missing was the bunting. It was just a really fun way to spend a Sunday. Bring on more mental community fun days!

My coracle building team member Nicky Getgood has posted photos for your amusement.