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Where have all the Superlambananas gone?

Posted in Art, Claire Burgess, Liverpool, Travel by Claire Burgess on September 12, 2008

I am very sad to report that you can no longer find the SuperLambBananas scattered around the streetsof Liverpool. On Tuesday lots them were auctioned off for charity. This has put an end to my ideas of visiting them all. I hope someone is kind enough to put them all in one place i.e a museum after they have been sold so I might fulfill my dream. If you missed the auction don’t be too down in the dumps…the remaining ones will be auctioned off online on Tuesday 16th September. Visit here for more details. And don’t worry the original Superlambanana is still there.

Also, I noticed today that you can buy Bite Sized Superlambananas from the Superlambanana website. If you can’t afford or haven’t got room for one from the auction then you can get a yellow one like the original or white blank canvas one so you can design your own. SOLD!

Go Super Lamb Bananas!

Posted in Art, Blogging, Claire Burgess, Liverpool, Travel by Claire Burgess on July 25, 2008

Well, it seems very fitting for me that my first blog should be about something so very random. I have just got back from Liverpool and had to tell you all about the new craze…Super Lamb Bananas. In 1998 a Japanese Artist Taro Chiezo was commissioned to make the original Super Lamb Banana but last month to mark the Capital of Culture celebrations more were commissioned and now there are 120 in total with all different designs. Most are spread around Liverpool but you can also find some in Runcorn and one in Euston Station. I think there great. So it seems do the children of Liverpool who seem to be climbing all over them and the students even seem to be trying to steal parts of them (the one outside Liverpool University has had its mortar board stolen three times already.)

To find out more go to where there is a map of all the Super Lamb Bananas. Over the next few months I hope to visit them all so watch this space for an update