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The DIY Pop Star

Posted in Cute, Music by Claire Burgess on March 27, 2010

I’m a big believer in the DIY way when it comes to making and promoting music. Thats why this article in The Metro last week caught my eye:

PixieTea becomes DIY pop star using iPhone apps

Clever marketing ploy or not it’s a great idea and J-Pop fans I’m sure are loving it. UK artists have been using an imac for ages to work on there music. Throw an iphone in and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  

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New Music You Need In Your Life!

Posted in Music by Claire Burgess on February 21, 2010

I love finding new music and sharing what I’ve found. I’ve been asked by Mike Peters to recommend a track every week for his show The Eclectic Chair. Here are some of my recent picks. Enjoy!

Summer Camp – Ghost Train

Muchuu– Getaway Train

Fenech-Soler  – Lies

Stornoway – I Saw You Blink

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel

Into 2010

Posted in Claire Burgess, Media, Miscellaneous, Music, Radio by Claire Burgess on February 2, 2010

Wow is it really February already?  I have been so busy lately blogging hasn’t been the top of my list. But I have missed you so I am going to give you the run down of the 10 most important things that happened to me at the end of 2009 in no particular order and then I promise I will start blogging again.

1. Moved to Worcester

I have moved to the beautiful city of Worcester. It’s lovely! I still work in Birmingham though so I’m traveling lots

2. Worked on my first single release

I worked with Muchuu ( on their first ever release Somebody Tell Me.

3. Made my first ever trip to Radio 1

Having been listening to Radio 1 since the days of Chris Evans I was really happy to finally pay them a visit. I met the very lovely Huw Stephens when I took Muchuu there for their first national radio interview.

4. My Grandad Died

He was old and had done lots of things I can only dream of. I miss him.

5. Got a job in Radio again

I’m now producing Simon Greening’s Weekend Wake Up on Radio City 96.7 in Liverpool. Having found a letter I wrote to them asking for work experience when I was 15 it has only took me nearly 10 years to get to the “top of the tower” To listen to the show or see what we have been up to go to

6. Made my first trip to America

I went Couch Surfing in New York for New Year. It was amazing. New Yorker’s are some of the nicest people I have ever met. If your thinking about going then just book a ticket right now!

7. Got a Blackberry

I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love what it has given to me and hate what it has taken away. Either way, times have changed.

8. Got a ticket to go to Nepal and climb Mt Everest

I’m off to climb Mt Everest with my friend Jemma in May. I will write more about this soon.

9. Smart Car troubles

My lovely Smart Car has died, come back to life, died again and then had its engine refitted. So far so good.

10. Set up Buy A Man A Boat

I set up a charitable organisation called Buy A Man A Boat (BAMAB for short) to help raise money for those who need it. You can read all about it here:

Muchuu Garden Party

Posted in Birmingham UK, Fun, Live Music, Music by Claire Burgess on August 18, 2009

On Thursday I will be going to the Muchuu Garden Party. Really looking forward to it. Anyone can come so if you fancy a good time with some great music then come along. You can also see some of the photos from the last Muchuu party here


I’m Going to Join The Circus

Posted in Claire Burgess, Fun, Live Music, Manchester UK, Music by Claire Burgess on July 22, 2009

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to go and see Take That’s Circus Tour in Manchester at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. I can’t tell you how amazing it was. I have been a Take That fan for as long as I can remember. Back in the day I used to write Gary Barlow love poems and post them through his gate. He only lived around the corner (I’m not ashamed!) I was also part of a Key 103 Radio documentary that would encourage the band to re-form after a 10year break. I have been to see them countless times and even fainted twice at their last stadium gig in Manchester.

This gig didn’t disappoint. It had it all, an elephant, clowns, unicycles men on stilts, fire, balloons and even man made rain! It was the perfect summers day for two twin sisters to go and see their favourite band. It was more than a gig…it was a full on extravaganza. With 2 support acts in Gary Go and The Script plus two hours of Take That I would have been happy to pay my money twice over. Now I just can’t wait for the next tour! Sorry if you missed it…

Take That on their elephant

Take That on their elephant

Me catching some sun before the show starts

Me catching some sun before the show starts

The 'Cloud Man" on stilts who gave out balloons

The 'Cloud Man" on stilts who gave out balloons

The Balloons float away at the start of the show

The Balloons float away at the start of the show

Last Night at The Marr’s Bar…

Posted in Claire Burgess, Live Music, Music, Worcester by Claire Burgess on March 4, 2009

I went to see The Irony… amongst others. I have never seen them before and went along because my boyfriend knows the singer. I had know idea what they would be like and then when they started to play I realised I had heard them before being played on BBC Hereford and Worcester. Not all my taste but I did like this one called ‘A Man’s Fears’ You can listen to what they sounded like when they did The Friday Session a while back here. Click the Orange speaker on the right.

Funnily enough my big find of the night didn’t even play…he was the man running the show, Sam Isaac. He has been playing loads of gigs (somehow I missed him), sounds great and has some fantastic videos. Watch them here:


This one has cakes made by the same ladies who did the Skoda made from cake TV advert. I love it. One to keep an eye on.


The Brit Awards 2009

Posted in Claire Burgess, Live Music, London, Music, Travel, TV by Claire Burgess on February 16, 2009

I’m very VERY excited! On Wednesday I will be going to The Brit Awards. I don’t care how un-cool some people think they are…I can’t wait. I have always wanted to go and this year I can’t quite believe I will be there! the-brits

The awards take place at Earls Court in London and are going out on ITV1 Live from 8pm presented by Gavin and Stacey’s Matthew Horne and James Corden as well as Kylie. It’s going to be so much better now they’re live, than it used to be when they were pre-recorded and broadcast the next day. I’m looking forward to seeing the live performances from Take That, U2, Kings of Leon and the Pet Shop Boys who have won the Outstanding Contribution to Music category. To see who else I will be rubbing shoulders with (and who else is performing and nominated) click here. I will let you know how I get on.

UPDATE: It was fantastic! Full on Red carpet action. Lots of great music and a very sore head by the next morning when I had to mission my way back to Birmingham.


Posted in BBC, Claire Burgess, Music, Radio by Claire Burgess on February 12, 2009

I just had to put this up. I heard this on Annie Mac’s Mash Up on Radio 1 on Friday and have been playing it for anyone who will listen ever since. I love it! I can imagine it going down very well at The Custard Factory. What do you think? It’s called Printer Jam by Mistabishi. His debut album “Drop” is released on 23rd February and I will be first in the queue.

A New Year…A New Country

Posted in Claire Burgess, Dubai, Dubai Eye, Dubai Today, IBDA'A, Media, Music, Radio by Claire Burgess on January 12, 2009

It has been a while since I have blogged because things have been a little busy, what with moving countries for a month I just haven’t had time. So I will try and fill you in and let you know about somethingI have been meaning to post but haven’t got round to it.

A while back someone I follow on Twitter posted up this link:


It reminded me of the article I had read on the way to work in The Metro about what Coldplay’s Chris Martin said about whether in ‘Viva La Vida’ they had copied any any on Joe Satriani’s ‘If I Could Fly.’ He said that “any similarities are coincidental.” Unfortunately for Coldplay it doesn’t matter whether similarities are “coincidental” or not. If ‘Viva La Vida’ contains 8 notes that are the same as ‘If I Could Fly’ then they have plagiarised. Both sides will now appoint musicologists to fight there cases in court as Joe Satriani sues Coldplay for “any and all profits” related to this copyright infringement. I think if I shut my eyes it sounds like the same song but what do you think?

Joe Santriani

So since the New Year has arrived so have I- In Dubai! Last year I won an IBDA’A Award for a Radio Documentary I made. This was presented to me by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. My prize was to do an internship with Arabian Radio Network- Dubai’s biggest radio network. So here I am. I’m working for Dubai’s only English talk station Dubai Eye as a Producer on their day time current affairs programme- Dubai Today.

It’s very different to the kind of station I am used to. Before, I have only worked for music stations. But working in any kind of station in Dubai has restrictions. You aren’t allowed to discuss Alcohol, Sex, Religion, Drugs, Gambling or anything that paints the government in a bad light. Music station’s here also don’t pay for the music they play. It’s all quite strange at the moment but I’m settling in quite well and making friends as I go.

Dubai Eye

I have been spending lots of my spair time on the Beach- 25 degrees in January, I can’t complain! And last night, I went to the ‘Cinema Under the Stars’ at the WAFI centre to watch ET. It felt like being at a drive-in except instead of being in cars we were sat on giant M&M’s bean bags.

So for the rest of the month I will keep you updated with what I get up to.

Back from Barcelona

Posted in Barcelona, CID MUSIC, Gigbeth, Music, Travel by Claire Burgess on November 19, 2008

Sorry I have been slow on the blogging front but I have been recovering from Gigbeth/Gigbeth Fringe madness and celebrating my birthday in Barcelona.

First things first, The Gigbeth Fringe went really well. We packed out the front of The Rainbow and much fun, dancing and whooping was had to the sounds of Mama Matrix, Smileymic, Laura Louise and Marc Reck. Smashing!

I spent the next day working at Gigbeth. Even the heavy rain couldn’t dampen my spirits as I sang along to Things Can Only Get Better with D:Ream, took photo’s of Smileymic meeting the Sugarhill Gang and Dance my socks off when they performed Rapper’s Delight.

Smileymic meets The Sugarhill Gang

Smileymic meets The Sugarhill Gang

Smileymic talks about what it was like to meet the US hip hop legends as well as what happened while we were in The Green Room here.

Then bags packed and off to Barcelona. After a blurry eyed start and a slightly confused trip on the metro system my twin sister and I arrived in one piece and set about enjoying the sites with lots of wine and sangria in between. Here are my top 5 things to do in Barca:

1) Go to see Barcelona play at Nou Camp

2) Have a meal at Les Cants Neits (The 15th Night) in the square off The Ramblas- The food is like a party in your mouth.

3) Go to Sagrada Familia, the Gaudi temple – The best view of Barcelona.

4) Have an ice cream at Port Veil- You can feed the fish too.

5) Go to the beach at Port Olympic, sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

A lovely relaxing Birthday. Now, back to work!