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New Music You Need In Your Life!

Posted in Music by Claire Burgess on February 21, 2010

I love finding new music and sharing what I’ve found. I’ve been asked by Mike Peters to recommend a track every week for his show The Eclectic Chair. Here are some of my recent picks. Enjoy!

Summer Camp – Ghost Train

Muchuu– Getaway Train

Fenech-Soler  – Lies

Stornoway – I Saw You Blink

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel

Into 2010

Posted in Claire Burgess, Media, Miscellaneous, Music, Radio by Claire Burgess on February 2, 2010

Wow is it really February already?  I have been so busy lately blogging hasn’t been the top of my list. But I have missed you so I am going to give you the run down of the 10 most important things that happened to me at the end of 2009 in no particular order and then I promise I will start blogging again.

1. Moved to Worcester

I have moved to the beautiful city of Worcester. It’s lovely! I still work in Birmingham though so I’m traveling lots

2. Worked on my first single release

I worked with Muchuu ( on their first ever release Somebody Tell Me.

3. Made my first ever trip to Radio 1

Having been listening to Radio 1 since the days of Chris Evans I was really happy to finally pay them a visit. I met the very lovely Huw Stephens when I took Muchuu there for their first national radio interview.

4. My Grandad Died

He was old and had done lots of things I can only dream of. I miss him.

5. Got a job in Radio again

I’m now producing Simon Greening’s Weekend Wake Up on Radio City 96.7 in Liverpool. Having found a letter I wrote to them asking for work experience when I was 15 it has only took me nearly 10 years to get to the “top of the tower” To listen to the show or see what we have been up to go to

6. Made my first trip to America

I went Couch Surfing in New York for New Year. It was amazing. New Yorker’s are some of the nicest people I have ever met. If your thinking about going then just book a ticket right now!

7. Got a Blackberry

I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love what it has given to me and hate what it has taken away. Either way, times have changed.

8. Got a ticket to go to Nepal and climb Mt Everest

I’m off to climb Mt Everest with my friend Jemma in May. I will write more about this soon.

9. Smart Car troubles

My lovely Smart Car has died, come back to life, died again and then had its engine refitted. So far so good.

10. Set up Buy A Man A Boat

I set up a charitable organisation called Buy A Man A Boat (BAMAB for short) to help raise money for those who need it. You can read all about it here:

Muchuu Garden Party

Posted in Birmingham UK, Fun, Live Music, Music by Claire Burgess on August 18, 2009

On Thursday I will be going to the Muchuu Garden Party. Really looking forward to it. Anyone can come so if you fancy a good time with some great music then come along. You can also see some of the photos from the last Muchuu party here


Skittles Vodka

Posted in Blogging, Claire Burgess, Drink, Fun, Uncategorized by Claire Burgess on August 12, 2009

Whilst preparing for the 1st Muchuu Party last month I got talking to Milky from Muchuu about a new drink she had found on a night out… Skittles Vodka. Having looked it up I found that you can’t actually buy it in a shop but instead have to make your own (Blue Peter style!) so with the help of this guide I made my own. I found some parts of the guide a little confusing so here is my very first How To Guide (for people like me who never normally attempt stuff like this for fear of blowing things up/braking things or just making a massive mess!)

You Will Need

To make 5x 250ml of Skittles Vodka you will need:

1.25 liters of Vodka

500g Skittles

5 plastic bottles

5 glasss bottles (250ml)

A funnel

A  jug

Some bleach free kitchen roll

I got all of this from Tescos except my glass bottles which I got from here. One was broken in transit so I had to improvise and use a small vodka bottle.

Step 1

Seperate out all your Skittles. You should have around equal ammounts. I didn’t and this is why my orange flavour vodka didn’t work out. Out of 500g of Skittles I only had around 20 orange skittles. I think you need around 40 plus for this to work.

The Skittles







Step 2

Seperate all your vodka out between the 5 plastic bottles and add one of your pots of skittles to each bottle. I did this by hand as it is easier and means you can wash your hands after each colour.








Step 3

Once all the skittles are in the bottles put the lids on and give the bottles a shake








Step 4

Put your bottles to one side until all the skittles have fully dissolved. For this size batch it took about 24hrs with me shaking them whenever I had the chance.








Step 5

Once all the Skittles have dissolved take a piece of kitchen paper and place it over your  jug. Pour the infused vodka onto the paper slowly so that the paper will filter and of the Skittles gung out and leave you with you Skittles vodka in the jug. This process may need to be repeated with some flavours as some colours need more filtering that others. The pour into your glass bottle using your funnel. Be sure to wash everything out thouroughly after each flavour.








You should now have 5 bottles of lovely Skittles Vodka. As you can see, I only ended up with 4 which is typical! It should be served chilled in shots or mixed with lemonaid to make your party go with a rainbow coloured bang.


My Skittles Vodka
My Skittles Vodka