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Sony Rising Star Award

Posted in Birmingham UK, Claire Burgess, Media, Radio by Claire Burgess on April 7, 2009

A friend of mine from my Kerrang! days Henry Evans aka ‘Singing Henri’ is nominated for this year’s Sony Rising Star Award. He is a very nice guy and thoroughly deserves to win. His singing travel always made me laugh and he always used to help me out around the place. Now it’s my turn to return the favour. Please give him a listen and vote for him here:

UPDATE: Henry did win The Sony Rising Star Award 2009. Well Done Henri!!!!


Most Haunted Live

Posted in Birmingham UK, Claire Burgess, Radio by Claire Burgess on September 3, 2008

Over the weekend I watched some of Most Haunted Live on Living TV. I think people love it or hate it, believe or don’t believe in the ‘spirits.’ From my experience of the Most Haunted team they are totally genuine. When I started doing Fright Night with them on Kerrang! Radio I started out as a complete sceptic but after doing the shows and testing them for myself they made a believer out of me.

To make your mind up for yourself listen to the clip of the show on my website. Go to the Audio section and click Kerrang! Radio-Fright Night with Yvette Fielding. This is a demo of the show but includes a live seonce we did in the studio. Yvette herself said this was the scariest seonce she had ever done! Don’t forget to turn your speakers up.