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Save The Rainforest For Kermit…

Posted in Blogging, Film, TV by Claire Burgess on May 7, 2009

I have just found this video courtesy of Kate Matlock.

Claire, music person with a soft spot for Kermit.

The Lion From Harrods

Posted in Charity, Claire Burgess, Documentary, Film, Travel, TV by Claire Burgess on March 24, 2009

I heard the lovely story of Christian the Lion over the weekend and on This Morning yesterday and thought I should share it:

In 1969 two Australian’s John Rendall and Anthony ‘Ace’ Bourke came to London for a Gap Year. This was at a time when you could buy anything you wanted from Harrods. It was noticed by lots of Christmas shoppers (including the Australians) that Harrods had two Lion cubs. The two decided they could give one of them a better life than being caged up and stared at all day and so spent around £3000 (I think) to buy Christian.

They kept him for a year living with them in their flat on The Kings Road above the shop that they worked in, which was aptly named ‘Catastrophe’. Christian was still a big draw for people and was visited by a whole host of celebs due to his tame nature. John and Anthony would walk him on a lead and take him to the park for a kick around but it was becoming apparent that he was getting too big for them to handle.Then after a chance meeting with Victoria Mckenna, one of the founders of The Born Free Foundation it was decided that they would try and return Christian, the 5th generation of his family to be born in captivity, to the wild with the help of conservationist George Adamson.

Although this was a big task Christian adapted well and took his place in a pride in Africa. A year later, the men returned to Africa to see if Christian would still remember them. That was when this lovely video was shot:

They met him once more the following year and haven’t seen him since. However, it was thought he went on to have cubs.

The story of Christian is going to be told in full tonight on Five at 8pm in ‘The Lion From Harrods.’ Don’t miss it!

The Brit Awards 2009

Posted in Claire Burgess, Live Music, London, Music, Travel, TV by Claire Burgess on February 16, 2009

I’m very VERY excited! On Wednesday I will be going to The Brit Awards. I don’t care how un-cool some people think they are…I can’t wait. I have always wanted to go and this year I can’t quite believe I will be there! the-brits

The awards take place at Earls Court in London and are going out on ITV1 Live from 8pm presented by Gavin and Stacey’s Matthew Horne and James Corden as well as Kylie. It’s going to be so much better now they’re live, than it used to be when they were pre-recorded and broadcast the next day. I’m looking forward to seeing the live performances from Take That, U2, Kings of Leon and the Pet Shop Boys who have won the Outstanding Contribution to Music category. To see who else I will be rubbing shoulders with (and who else is performing and nominated) click here. I will let you know how I get on.

UPDATE: It was fantastic! Full on Red carpet action. Lots of great music and a very sore head by the next morning when I had to mission my way back to Birmingham.

Excuse Me…Do You Know Who ‘The Stig’ is?

Posted in Claire Burgess, Media, TV by Claire Burgess on January 20, 2009

The StigOh I am so excited! Even though I’m here in Dubai I still like to keep up to date with what’s going on back home. And today I have found the most exciting story via a new follower on Twitter. The Telegraph have finally uncovered the mystery of who Top Gear’s ‘Stig’ actually is. Read it here!

Now The BBC have refused to comment. Does that mean The Telegraph have got it wrong? Will the BBC get rid of him if they are right? The mystery continues. All completely lost on the people of Dubai!

Birthday Cake

Posted in Claire Burgess, Food, TV by Claire Burgess on October 23, 2008

As my Birthday is coming up on the 11th November I got into a big discussion last night about Birthday cake. This is a big part and often overlooked element to having a Birthday particularly because I love cake, especially Birthday cake.

My boyfriend insists you can’t go wrong with a Marks and Spencer’s Vanilla Sponge with icing. However, he reminded me, I am quite partial to some Chocolate Caterpillar Cake. I then told him about the cake I am desperate to try after seeing it on LK Today’s Lust List a few weeks ago… The Giant Pink Fondant Fancy Cake. I love the mini Mr Kippling ones so this is perfect. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.

This is not in the same league as the one I had for my 21st Birthday which looked like my twin sister and I in our Smart Car. Mmmmmm CAAAAAAKKKEEEE!

Is Chivalry Dead?

Posted in Media, TV by Claire Burgess on October 8, 2008

I ask this question after much thought over the past few months and speared on by something I read in the metro this week.

This reminded me of a few weeks back when I was setting up and taking down the Gigbeth stall at Artsfest. I had so many boxes and bags as well as a TV and was really struggling to transport it all to and from my taxi, which refused to park any nearer to my stall. I wasn’t going that far but I am not ashamed to admit I am not too strong and would have gladly excepted some help from any of the passers by who just gorped at me. In the end, when I couldn’t go any furthur I resorted to asking two men smoking outside a pub if they would help me the last 100yards. They begrudingly helped.

So I ask, whatever you think of Russell Brand, is he one of the only true Gents left? Is chivalry dead? Or have men just decided that in this modern world of political correctness, they best not offer to help for fear of getting there heads bitten off?