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The First Day

Posted in Claire Burgess, Everest, Nepal, Travel by Claire Burgess on June 6, 2010

Internet access was either limited or really expensive on the trek and to be honest I just wanted to concentrate on enjoying it so I kept a diary and will write up my all my entries.

10th May 2010- Day 1

We got up at 4am to get the bus to the airport. When the alarm went off it felt like I have only just shut my eyes. I had packed up all my kit in the holdall provided and taken it to the bus. All 12 of us sat there, me and my new virtual stranger friends with the exception of Jemma and Jenny. All I kept thinking is, I hope we all make it to Base Camp. It’s so far. Why am I doing this?

I was struggling massivley and running off adrenaline already because of staying up later than planned to pack my bags anxouis not to forget anything but not to take too much. I would have sorted things out earlier but was busy helping out another girl on the trip, Rosie who had arrived from India and forgotten the PIN number for her bank cards so had no money. In the end we talked a travel agent into selling her a cheap flight to Pokora and giving her the cash she needed if she paid on a credit card. It must have been quite scary to arrive in a country without any money.

When we arrived at the domestic airport the sun was already up and we carried our bags from the bus to the smallest check in area you have ever seen. After which we boarded the smallest plane I have ever been on to take us to Lukla. It was actually a very smooth flight and even had an air hostess who walked down the very small aisle to distribute sweets and cotton wool. It hardly seemed worth it for just the 12 of us plus our Head Trek Guide Dawa. It seemed really funny that even though I was at the back of the plane I could see all the way to the cockpit.

We landed on Lukla runway which is a site to be seen. It has only a 475meter runway that is sloping higher than the other and it is surrounded by mountains with a 700meter drop at the end. I was amazed we made it without any difficulty.

After we landed I had a breakfast of muesli and mint tea before we started walking. I soon realised why it was important to have good boots. The path was hard and rocky but we only trekked for 3hours to Phading which is at 2652 meters about sea level and has 73% oxygen.  We only walked 5k today so it felt really easy. I hope the rest of the trip is as easy as this but I think I can dream on!

The View

The view from the plane

I found a video online of a plane landing there a few years back. It hasn’t changed much so you can see what it is really like.


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